Samavesh 2011

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FIIB wants to lend wings to all great ideas on sustainability and management, coming from all quarters. It is a unique B-School and probably one of its kind that has taken up the cause of nurturing leadership in its graduates that is both of business and social relevance.

With Samavesh’11, FIIB embraced the Great Green Rush. The endeavor was to get busy going green and adopting sustainability as a way of life. Through numerous ingenious events, Samavesh’11 explored innovative ideas for a clean, green future. The elite management festival was aimed at young, innovative minds, to compete on a massive scale and showcase their talent.

As is the need of the hour, through this creative enterprise, FIIB set out to showcase the philosophy of sustainable applications in not just commercial businesses but in almost every facet of life – the true triumph of which will only be measurable by its capacity to endure. Samavesh’11 was therefore related to abundant ideas buzzing in the FIIB campus, as we aimed to introspect, imbibe and inquire sustainable practices in business management.

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